I would rate Craving for Love alongside Scott Peck. Page for page it packs a remarkable degree of human insight. Far from being just another book about homosexuality, Craving for Love is one of the most comprehensive and easily read books on human desire for emotional intimacy, whether broken or healed, that I have come across so far... This book is meeting a real need in my practice and is highly recommended to all our counselling students. David Riddell, BTh, PG Dip, Dip Grad, Pastoral therapist, Auckland. NZ

A skilfully-crafted, thoroughly researched, powerful yet compassionate book whose message points a whole variety of people in the direction of hope and healing. Joyce Huggett, writer and speaker (England)

Thankyou for your wonderful, challenging, confronting, comforting book. It has been an immense help to many of my clients over the years. I can’t tell you how many copies I've bought and given to people - or got them to buy it. A lot of them are not struggling with same-sex attraction. Some of them are engaged couples, for example. There's so much information in there that has broader application. If I had to give up all my books, except one, on relationships and sexual addiction, I would keep Craving for Love. I love it.

Craving for Love normalises homosexuality as the desire of every human being: to be loved. After reading this book, anyone will have an understanding of the origins of same-sex attraction, the intensity of same-sex love, and how it is possible for a person to heal from the pain ... which can compel anyone of us to seek solace in destructive sexual and emotionally dependent relationships. Kate van Barneveld, B. Couns., M.Couns. Counsellor and Psychotherapist (Australia)

When I became a Christian last year I thought that nobody understood what I was talking about. Then someone gave me Craving for Love. The pages are so worn and every page has underlining and writing in the margin. You wouldn't believe I'd only had it for 3.5 months. At times I've cried through all the pages. (A former "strong radical lesbian") Possibilities Magazine, Hamilton, NZ

THE BEST book I've read on healing. Had me weeping, as it read my soul and heart like a book. No book, except the Bible, has ever done that to me. Haydn Sennitt, Australia

Daystar award: (1st edition) given by DayStar magazine to books making "an outstanding contribution to Christian life and understanding." This is a book which challenges Christians to reconsider their reactions to homosexuality and to look at themselves first. Highly recommended. Geoff Strelan, Editor, Daystar, Australia.

A great book... a must for pastors and counsellors, homosexuals and their families... (The author) has researched in depth but writes in a very readable style. As you read it you will find lights coming on as you gain new and fresh insights into your own and other people's behaviour(s)... BD Book Review, England

A shrewd, and very human book, the result of years of research, correspondence and mentoring of people trapped in addictive relationships and behaviours... NA, The Flame, (England)

Brilliant, insightful, disturbing, controversial, well-researched. This book should be required reading for all ministers, pastors, counsellors and lay readers.. Wholeness Newspaper, NZ

This book is so refreshing. A Christian understanding of homosexuality that rings true to our knowledge of God and of ourselves, and yet avoids blind judgmentalism or woolly liberalism. Journal of the Lawyer's Christian Fellowship, UK

We highly recommend this excellent book for strugglers and those who love them, as well as for those who would like a better understanding about the issues involved in the homosexual struggle. Evergreen International, USA.

Powerful yet evenhanded, this book is a valuable resource for those recovering from relationship addiction whether heterosexual or homosexual, and for those who minister to them.

Standing head and shoulders above many other recent works on homosexuality, it is indispensable reading for anyone concerned with the homosexual issue... A Review Essay, "Homosexuality and the Truth" Elizabeth Moberly, PhD, researcher and writer [1st edition]

If you are able to obtain a copy it is an extremely readable and comprehensive treatment of the topic.

An outstanding study... Lancashire conference of the Mennonite Church

I highly recommend this book to people who have homosexual friends and individuals struggling with homosexual feelings themselves. The author writes in a very gentle way, not condemning. She helps you to understand reasons, warning signs, and ways towards healing of a homosexual life style. Also it becomes clear that God sees strugglers in a compassionate way and still loves each one. The book is written in a personal, and not so much in a scientific way, which helps to really get into the problem emotionally, spiritually and mentally all at once. Reviewer: A reader from Europe (2003)

A refreshing, insightful and compassionate, wide-ranging and helpful book, for counsellors and pastors, and those (heterosexual or homosexual) who have a continuing history of intense addictive relationships that tend to be eroticised. Possibilities magazine (NZ)

"This is a book about hope... it is at once informative, interesting and engaging, very readable and will be of great value to pastors and social workers Wel-com, RC newspaper.(NZ)